How To Speak Fluent Sewing



How To Speak Fluent Sewing: The Indispensable Illustrated Guide to Sewing and Fabric Terminology by Christine Haynes

Are you baffled by sewing terminology, the vast array of tools and materials, or patterns in general? Take the next step in your sewing adventure with the authoritative guide to over 300 sewing and fabric terms. Well-known apparel designer and sewing expert Christine Haynes answers all your questions. This comprehensive, easy-to-use sewing primer isn’t sorted alphabetically; it’s organized by categories that make sense, so you’ll find “pressing ham” and “seam roll” beautifully illustrated alongside other tailoring tools. How can you tell the difference between a weave and a grain? What’s a muslin and why should you use it? Christine’s advice covers the “what” and the “why” of everything from buttonhole thread to flat felled seams. It’s the only sewing resource you’ll ever need.

Comprehensive directory of sewing tools, terms, and techniques
Fully illustrated guide makes it easy to visually see and understand each term
Organized, reader-friendly guide answers not only the “what” but the “why”


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