Hexagon Happenings



Hexagon Happenings: Complete step-by-step photo guide to hexagon techniques with 15 quilts & projects by Carolyn Forster

In this book Carolyn Forster takes you through the steps and gives you the tools and techniques for using large shapes to finish large quilts quickly and easily. The basic
shapes used in the quilt projects include hexagons, diamonds, triangles and kites. These shapes
are successfully created using a basic quilting ruler and the hexagon template provided in the book. Carolyn even provides instructions for calculating and constructing hexagon paper templates allowing you to achieve any desired quilt block size. Complete instructions include
how to cut half-hexagons, partial hexagons, diamonds, half-diamonds, triangles and kites using the hexagon template. Techniques include combining hexagons with other shapes, sewing hexagons by machine and by hand, sewing hexagons and other shapes together in rows then
sewing the rows of hexagons together. Offering a variety of binding techniques, Carolyn takes
you through the various steps of binding hexagon quilts. Helpful tips throughout the book help improve accuracy and gain confidence when sewing hexagon quilts. Projects include 8 quilts, table mat, table runner, bag and pincushion. Clear, concise step-by-step photography.


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